Derek Pillay and Jessie Hamon 13th March 2023

Weihan and I were assigned to the same preparatory math class (EC400) at the start of our MSc in September 2012, and he quickly became one of my first and closest friends at LSE. We shared many good and difficult times during that year. I remember the anxiety around PhD and job application season, with all the uncertainty about what the future would hold for us. I also remember the day we wrote our last MSc exam together (EC428 Development and Growth). We were so happy! To celebrate, the two of us went back to his room at Grosvenor House and played some Pro Evolution Soccer (one of our favourite video games back then). I spent some time away from LSE between my master’s and PhD, but one of the most comforting things upon my return was knowing that Weihan was still there. We shared many more great moments together during the PhD, and he also got to spend many of those with my wife, who had not been living in London when we were doing our MSc. He was a truly incredible person - fun, kind, open-minded and smart. One of a kind. He was a wonderful friend to Jessie and myself, and his memory will always live on in our hearts. We are sending our love and condolences to Leyi and Yilun, Weihan’s parents and family. We hope you know how much of an impact he had on our lives.