Claudio Schilter 22nd February 2023

Even though it has been weeks now, it is still hard to comprehend. It is so incredibly sad that Weihan is no longer with us. I will treasure every memory I have of him and with him. Seven years we were together at LSE. First during masters, and then almost always desk neighbors during PhD. At some point, we introduced cake breaks. In the afternoon, we'd go over to the Delaunay and have a cup of tea and a slice of cake. Sometimes with some other friends, sometimes just us. Sometimes talking about research, sometimes about global politics, the state of the world, anything really. Weihan excelled at everything. I think most impressive was that he had the full perspective. We often live a bit in a bubble of what news and perspectives on events and threats there are - but not Weihan. Not only did he knew about different views, he could also make sense of them, put them into perspective, explain them. I miss these conversations so much. He also introduced to so much delicious Chinese food in countless lunches and dinners - but he was also so open and interested in other cuisines. I can't believe we won't share another Bratwurst. Of course he also embraced the British culture and joined for a pint in the pub - especially the annual departmental drinks were legendary. However, every time before joining us at the pub, he made sure first his wife and son were all set and well. I wish both of you Leyi and Yilun much strength - it must be so much harder for you to lose such an amazing husband and father. Weihan visiting Switzerland was also amazing. Learning skiing as an adult is no easy feat, but he had so much endurance, put in so much effort. Understandably, he was completely exhausted afterwards. Still, he put on the funniest penguin dress and joined in for carnival on the same evening. The ultimate honor was of course to be best man at his wedding, together with his cousin. There was quite a language barrier, but it was obvious how kind, generous, and welcoming his parents are. They must also be completely devastated to lose such a perfect son - I wish you nothing but the best going forward and hope your heart will be able to heal at some point. The wedding itself was one of the best experiences in my life. I am forever grateful that I could be part of it. After the wedding, after we had already left Tongling and were in Shanghai, my wife injured her ankle. Nothing horrible, but it took almost 2 years to heal completely. He was obviously not to blame in any way or form - he was hundreds of Kilometers away, this had nothing to do with him. Still, he would always ask how she is, always needlessly apologize, and he was so incredibly relieved and happy when it was completely healed again. His compassion is unparalleled. The last time I saw Weihan in person was in Exeter. I stayed at his place, we strolled around the city, visited the beach, played some games, had some drinks and then I left back to London and then Switzerland. It was always meant to be until next time, not farewell. Weihan, I will miss you so much. Rest in peace my good friend.