Karun Adusumilli 17th February 2023

It is incredibly sad to think that Weihan is no longer with us. He was easily one of most joyful, friendly and generous people I know. I was incredibly lucky to share an office with him while we did our PhD. It was a joy to have him around. He loved to bring people together and organize events, be they office dinners, drinks or barbecues. And given his love for fine food and drinks, we knew that any restaurant or bar he booked would invariably be excellent. He also loved classical music and opera. Over the years, we went to many concerts and recitals together. He always knew the best venues to go to and the best musicians to listen to; he especially loved the Barbican, despite it's - as Weihan used to say - terrible acoustics. I loved going to these with him because he never shied from expressing an opinion on what we just heard - be it good or bad - and it always led to interesting discussions later on and possibly very good food as well! In fact, one could always count on Weihan to have fascinating discussions on any subject, ranging from economics to mathematics, politics, classical music, food and football (he was a big fan of Arsenal). No matter the topic, he would always come up with some incredible insight. It is tragic that we no longer have access to his great intellect and wit. Needless to say, I will miss Weihan. I will miss our Friday drinks at the George, our dinners at Chinatown, our visits to Barbican and Royal Opera House, our discussion on Economic theory, but most of all I will miss a very special and dear friend. I know that I am not alone in this; Weihan touched the lives of countless people, and we were all supremely lucky to spend some time with him and glimpse his great soul.